Sales outsourcing: A Gift for Us

You must have seen several changes in this world, think how was the world that time when you went to school and how it looks right now. Everything is changing slowly slowly , and if you decide not to be changed you will be out thrown. If you are a businessmen then you must have seen there are several changes has been done in sales process, and if I ask you how do you keep your sales team on track after these changes? You must adapt to the changes as soon as possible. Here’s when sales outsourcing plays an important role.

Sales outsourcing was initially started because of loss of accountability. But as more and more new business have started, they were getting leads but they didn’t have a full in house sales team. So, they started outsourcing sales to different companies.

When developers saw that sales team have to focus more on maintenance then they started developing some kind of software to help out the sales team and currently there are many software available in the market which can easily handle several tasks, so that sales team can focus more on closing and less on maintenance.

If sales outsourcing or software related to it were not invented then companies were still be worried about sales services and won’t be able to focus on upcoming opportunities and due to heavy pressure even sales team won’t be able to work efficiently.

Is it for everyone?

Yes, any company can choose to outsource sales, however, it is mostly chosen by those companies which does not have time to handle it or if it lacks the tools or resource required for it. Strange but true, sales person spent most of the time on making excel sheets, filling timesheets, doing meetings etc.

It was also noticed that only short span of time is left of sales person as their most of time is spent on those excel sheets and even their productivity decreases with that.

Sales outsourcing has proven to be a blessing for sales person, as now they can focus more on selling rather than making those excel sheets and meetings. Now they get more time to sell and also their productivity and efficiency has also increased.

Reasons to consider sales outsourcing?

Your time will be wasted if you outsourced sales when you don’t need it, There are some factors to consider before outsourcing sales, like -

1.Less Number of Sales Person — You should outsourcing sales when you see that your sales team will not be sufficient to handle the leads generated, this way you will lose your new leads as well, if you left all the work on your small sales person team.

2.Low Budget — You should start outsourcing sales when the total revenue is very low or the budget available for hiring talented sales person is very low, then you should opt for outsourcing sales whic h lies under your budget.

3.Low Expertise- You should start outsourcing sales when your sales does not have the required expertise. Your future leads will be affected if you continue with less talented sales person.

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Sales Outsourcing : An automation

Everyday, your sales team focuses on several tasks and documentation which takes their most of the work hours to focus on sales activities. Automation makes sales teams more productive by automating work like scheduling meetings, updating databases, and setting reminders. Sales automation software will also help sales team in getting suggestion about new leads and hence, save their time.

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