Top 10 Denim Brands in Alabama

Do you want to know the best Jeans manufacturing and selling companies? If yes, you have landed at the right place. Here is a list of the Top 10 Denim brands in Alabama that is much popular among customers in the country. It is quite true that people have started paying a lot of attention to their looks and styles. Of course, clothing matters a lot when it comes to them both. Style and fashion have become one of the leading needs of a lot of people in Alabama.

1. Frame

Welcome to the FRAME website located at and other related domains (“Website”). The Website is operated by Frame LA Brands, LLC (“we,” “us”, or “our”). We believe that the privacy and security of your information and data are very important. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) explains the type of information (“Information”) we collect from users of the Website, how that Information is used, how the Information may be shared with other parties, and what controls our users have regarding their Information. We encourage you to read this Policy carefully. Any updates or modifications to this Policy will be posted on our website on this page.

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2. Elle

I have vivid memories of my mum wearing classic Levi's jeans (501s, specifically) – stonewashed, high-waisted with a button-fly and loose tapered legs in signature thick denim – throughout my childhood to do the gardening or take the dog on a muddy walk. These were the 'mom jeans' before mom jeans became a thing.

As I hit adolescence, when replicating Kate Moss and Sienna Miller in their super-skinny Sass & Bide 'Misfits' (remember those?) became my ultimate goal, I would tease her about how 'dated' her pale Levi's jeans were. 'They'll come back around one day,' she'd say as all mums do.

She was right: they did. Now her single pair of life-worn Levi's make me look like the dated one. I own 24 pairs of jeans – and every single one of them is skinny.

3. Byrdie

There's no doubt about it: Jeans are the most versatile item hanging in our closet. No matter when you wear them, where you wear them, or how you wear them, there are a pair of jeans to fit nearly every mood and occasion. It's no wonder, then, that denim is considered a wardrobe essential.

Since the late 19th century, jeans have gone from rugged workwear to fashion apparel that we couldn't live without (or at least wouldn't want to, anyway). Social, political, and pop culture have all played a role in denim's evolution, and the trends that have come and gone—and come back again—throughout its nearly 150-year history.

From groovy bellbottoms to low-rise hip-huggers, keep reading to learn about the history of jeans and the most popular denim styles over the decades.

4. Denim Social

"Denim Social content curation features high-quality topics that are informative, engaging, and compliant. This product has allowed us to elevate our overall social media strategy for our loan officers at AnnieMac Home Mortgage. We strive to help educate our audiences, and Denim Social's content curation helps us accomplish that!"

“Before Denim Social, Peoples had experimented with creating Facebook pages for employees but had taken them away because of difficulties monitoring them without outside help, at which point a number of loan officers reported a loss in business. Recently, one loan officer noticed that fewer people were contacting her when she stopped posting temporarily, as soon as she started posting again, she saw those messages come back. We don’t have any way of internally monitoring all of these platforms in one nice system, and by running content through Denim Social’s tools, banks can catch problematic words or phrases before they become public.”

5. Slightly Alabama

That's a great place to start. First and foremost, it's important to know that none of these terms are scientific. We use them generally to describe product details. That being said...

RAW DENIM is denim in its purest form. Technically speaking a homespun loom state denim is pure denim; however, when people say raw denim, they are referring to denim that has not been rinsed, washed, or treated. Generally what people call "raw" denim has still gone through a sanforization process, which we'll talk about later. For most denim enthusiasts raw denim is the way to go. It will fade beautifully and actually take shape to the body.

SELVEDGE DENIM on the other hand, derives from the words "self" and "edge" and refers to how the fabric is finished. It has clean edges and because of the tightly woven band on either side, the fabric will not unravel. When the fabric is sewn into a pair of jeans you get a garment with a clean edge.

Contact Details:

Email ID:
[email protected]

6. United Rivers

Founded in 2015 by brothers Camilo and Julian Rios, United Rivers is a luxury lifestyle denim brand that modernizes the traditional American western street lifestyle through superior tailoring and craftsmanship. The brothers Rios (meaning rivers in Spanish) were inspired both by their upbringing in Texas and extensive work in luxury fashion (most notably at The Webster (in Miami Beach) to bring high-end, tailored denim goods with a vintage American nostalgia to the fashion-forward modern man. All products are handmade in Los Angeles using the best Japanese denim and American fabrics. Adding to their exclusivity, all products are limited edition pieces.

Contact Details:

+1 (786) 759 3114
Email ID:
[email protected]

7. Blue Jeans Go Green

Authentic denim is made mostly from cotton, a sustainable fiber. We recycle denim (made from cotton) to do good for the earth. We encourage you to rethink what your clothing is made of, refresh your wardrobe, and recognize we all can be doing more to lessen our impact on textile waste. Thanks to the renewability and circularity of cotton, we can reimagine the possibilities of what our old denim can become. When you recycle your old denim through our program, we help transform it into creating new products, from insulating material for building efforts to pet bed inserts to thermal insulation used in sustainable food and pharmaceutical packaging.

Make a lasting commitment to recycling and wearing sustainable clothes with the Every Piece Pledge. It's a small step and a helpful reminder that denim, made from cotton, can be recycled and transformed to do good for the earth.

8. Sharabati

Sharabati Denim is one of the region's major integrated and eco-friendly denim and flat fabric manufacturers. Our primary focus is to be a reliable partner to the fashion brands and producers we work with, by providing inspirational, durable, sustainably-made collections for our customer’s styles and end-consumer preferences. Sharabati Denim is one of the region's major integrated and eco-friendly denim and flat fabric manufacturers. Our primary focus is to be a reliable partner to the fashion brands and producers we work with, by providing inspirational, durable, sustainably-made collections for our customer’s styles and end-consumer preferences.

Within our immense integrated production line, we innovate for sustainable solutions at every step – spinning, weaving, dyeing, and finishing, as well as recycling processes. Keeping up with the fashion industry’s requirements for raw fabric in denim and finished gabardine, and as a major visionary in the textile industry, we are committed to investing in technology, expansion and our community. That is what gives our company value within the denim industry.

Contact Details:

+20 482659023

9. Smithsonian Magazine

In the spring of 1965, demonstrators in Camden, Alabama, took to the streets in a series of marches to demand voting rights. Among the demonstrators were “seven or eight out-of-state ministers,” United Press International reported, adding that they wore the “blue denim ‘uniform’ of the civil rights movement over their clerical collars.”

Though most people today don’t associate blue denim with the struggle for black freedom, it played a significant role in the movement. For one thing, the historian Tanisha C. Ford has observed, “The realities of activism,” which could include hours of canvassing in rural areas, made it impractical to organize in one’s “Sunday best.” But denim was also symbolic. Whether in trouser form, overalls or skirts, it not only recalled the work clothes worn by African Americans during slavery and as sharecroppers but also suggested solidarity with contemporary blue-collar workers and even equality between the sexes, since men and women alike could wear them.

10. DUER

We turn fashion into technical apparel for an active lifestyle, because we believe life should be simpler and you should be able to do everything you do in a day without having to change your clothes. Inspired by the modern, active individual, we've created a clothing line for men and women that maximizes performance without sacrificing style. From denim that you can cycle into pants that eliminate sweat and hot weather clothes that keep you cool, DUER enables you to do everything you do in a day - in style.

A category of stretch performance denim and lifestyle apparel crafted from plants and recycled materials. Designed for “doers” to move comfortably from bike lane to boardroom to an evening out, all in a single pair of pants.

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