Top 10 Chocolate Wine Cakes For Christmas

I was a fully grown adult when I discovered wine cake, and once I tried it, I immediately lamented all the wasted years of my life, having not known it existed. Of course, I’m being dramatic, but this cake is so good that it deserves a little drama. It has this amazingly crispy outer crust — so crisp and buttery that it almost tastes caramelized. But somehow, and I don’t know how it’s possible, the inside of this dark bundt cake is even better. It’s pillowy soft, moist, and features the phenomenal taste and aroma of port wine. If you want to discover a new favorite dessert, Top 10 Chocolate Wine Cakes For Christmas try wine cake tonight.

1. Red Wine Chocolate Cake

Last week, I had a dinner party with friends, which naturally meant lots of food, wine, and desserts. As I’m sure you can already guess, the leftover wine found its way into chocolate cake batter – the combination of which turned out to be divine. It truly is the perfect cake, but you obviously need to enjoy the occasional drink in order to appreciate it. The wine makes the chocolate very fudge-like, giving it an intense, rich flavor that you’ll definitely notice. The alcohol doesn’t bake out fully, though, so this is the kind of dessert you only want to make for adults. With its fancy name and even fancier flavor, this dessert would make a splash at any wine tasting.

For this recipe, I use dark brown sugar to deepen the flavor and moisten the cake. Plenty of cocoa helps to keep it super fudgy and chocolaty while balancing out the alcohol. Ground cinnamon also works to enhance the flavor, although you can’t taste it in the final product. I experimented with several different wines such as cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and shiraz, and all of them turned out amazing

2. Dark Chocolate Mulled Wine, And Blackberry Cake

For anyone who secretly loves a northern hemisphere Christmas for the mulled-wine-by-the-fire type scenarios, this recipe is for you. It makes two layers of rich dark chocolate cake flecked with orange zest and the spices you’d expect to taste in your glass of mulled wine. Juicy blackberries cut through the intensity of the chocolate and add a glorious tang.

This recipe makes a vegan and gluten-free cake - not for any other reason than this is how it tastes best! However, feel free to use plain white all-purpose flour instead of gluten-free flour if you prefer (and if you are using gluten-free flour, I recommend the self-raising Healtheries variety. If you choose to use one which is non-self raising, make sure to add 1 tsp of baking powder to the recipe!) If you don’t need the cake to be vegan, you can use regular milk in the cake, and regular butter in the icing. When it comes to wine, use an inexpensive full-bodied red wine like syrah/shiraz. For depth of flavor, It’s super important to use the best Dutch process cocoa powder and 70% dark chocolate you can get your hands on.

3. Red Wine Chocolate Cake

This Xmas vacation has put me in a baking overdrive, despite the fact that Bangalore isn’t too cold. I guess it’s the feeling of festivity in the air, the desire of the smell of spices and cakes that makes it like this. Last week, I wanted to bake something different, in my head I clearly wanted something chocolatey and something boozy, yet rum was too boring. Tried this red wine chocolate and I think it has the potential to be the star of any party. Different from the usual fruit cake yet has all the elements of the holiday celebrations.

I was just reading a bit about using wine in cooking and I must admit I found some interesting stuff online. One of the best reasons to cook with wine is the flavor it adds to food. Heating wine concentrates the flavor of wine and gives the food that extra zing! Alcohol does burn off during cooking and using wine for baking means that the cake turns out pretty light and fluffy. It is important to use the right kind of wine while cooking. Always use the wine which you drink to cook or bake.

4. Mulled Wine Cake

It’s a staple beverage at quaint Christmas markets across the European continent that floods you with warm and fuzzy feelings from the very first sniff. But anyone can make it at home. You just need to grab a wine you love, some winter spices, and orange wheels. It takes little effort and comes together in no time. Always grease your Bundt pan liberally. Apply your fingers to reach all the grooves. Then dust it with some flour or cocoa powder so that the cake doesn’t stick to the pan.

Insert a skewer into the cake center. It should come out with a few moist crumbs attached, not clean. A clean skewer means the cake is dry because it was overbaked.

5. Christmas Chocolate Cake

Deck the halls with frosting and sugar this season. This Christmas Chocolate Cake A moist cake plus a fluffy frosting is the perfect recipe for a delicious dessert is the perfect treat for ending any of your holiday meals. Decorated with an edible design and the perfect treat to impress any guests you have over this holiday season. After all, nothing tops off a holiday dinner better than a rich cake.

Deck the halls with frosting and sugar this season. This Christmas Chocolate Cake A moist cake plus a fluffy frosting is the perfect recipe for a delicious dessert is the perfect treat for ending any of your holiday meals. Decorated with an edible design and the perfect treat to impress any guests you have over this holiday season. After all, nothing tops off a holiday dinner better than a rich cake.

6. Port and Chocolate Christmas Cake

Port and Chocolate Christmas Cake is a lovely twist on a classic boiled Christmas cake. Luxuriously Port-soaked fruit and decadent dark chocolate make for a luscious cake. I’m reminded each Christmas by a couple of close friends how much they don’t like fruit cakes. It’s okay guys, I’ll eat your share! My mum’s traditional Christmas cake is a yearly fruitcake staple each year. This year I decided to change things up with a Port and Chocolate Christmas Cake.

Port, or fortified wine as we Aussies call it, is a little unusual but a great addition to fruitcake. I normally use rum or brandy, port isn't a spirit I don’t usually associate with Christmas cakes. Then there’s the chocolate.  Not something I usually add to a Christmas cake either.

7. Chocolate Raspberry + Red Wine Wreath Bundt Cake

Today is December 8th, which means we only have 17 DAYS until Christmas is finally here! Can you believe it?! This is my favorite time of year for so many reasons. Of course, spending time with family (it's Piper's first Christmas!) and friends and giving back to the community are at the top of the list, but honestly, this chocolate raspberry + red Wine Cakes Shop wreath bundt cake isn't too far behind...

There are a few classic flavor combinations that all chocolate lovers know and love. Chocolate + strawberries or raspberries, chocolate + caramel, chocolate + wine, chocolate + peanut butter, chocolate + coffee... the list is long and, quite frankly, absolutely delicious. But have you ever mixed more than one of these classic flavor combinations together? I 100% recommend it! Not only does this chocolate bundt cake have fresh California Giant raspberries, but I added a splash of red wine and the outcome is amazing. Plus, who couldn't use a little extra red wine around the holidays?

8.  Red Wine Chocolate Ganache

Throwing you a curveball today!!

No, we’re not baking a cake or cookies or muffins or making dinner. Though if you’re having red wine chocolate ganache for dinner, can I get an invite?

Will you just look at this stuff? It’s every bit as rich, thick, dark, and indulgent as you can imagine. Made from life’s most crucial ingredients like cream, chocolate, butter, sugar, and red wine– this ganache is as handy, versatile, and dreamy as regular chocolate ganache or salted caramel. It can be used for everything.

9. Port Wine Molten Chocolate Cakes

This post is sponsored by Croft Port, one of the oldest port houses in the Douro Valley, Portugal. As always, all opinions and thoughts are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help make Browned Butter Blondie possible.

Ready or not, the holidays are here! We are in the thick of it and I’m soaking up every minute of the latte-fueled hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Somewhere in between the ugly sweater parties, cyber Monday sales, and Christmas card stuffing the tree was trimmed, the mistletoe was hung and my kitchen now looks a bit like a gingerbread cookie factory. We’ve seen the Grinch {more than once}, decked the halls, strung the lights, and sang the carols over and over {and over} again. All good things.

10. Red Wine Chocolate Strawberry Cake

I'm a little cake crazy - I LUV cake! I mean, who doesn't? What other food symbolizes celebration as the cake does? The cake is there for every celebratory milestone from your baby shower, through your graduation and wedding all the way up to your golden anniversary. And let's not forget all those birthdays in between!

This red chocolate Wine Cakes is a whipped creamy mascarpone strawberry kirsch filling sandwiched between luscious red wine fudgy chocolate cake, all encased in a rich red wine dark chocolate ganache with ganache dipped strawberries on top. And best yet, there is no fancy decorating required! If you are looking for birthday cake recipes for adults or Valentine's day cake for your sweetheart, this cake is the ultimate adult birthday cake!

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